Friday, September 30, 2011


'I ain't no joke' Quoted by Rahkim, sometime in 1986. One of my favorite classic mc's from back in the day. but how many of us are a joke. Really. Living life like a cliche'. How many of us even know what cliche' means without having to look it up. I found it interesting the other day, I was talking to someone the other day and I asked them 'where you would like to be in ten years?' He could not answer. I asked had if he had been out the country he said 'no' and he had not even thought of going. Then another on of my Favorite Mc's came to mind, 'I asked my brother how traveling the world sound, he found it hard to imagine he never been past downtown.' from Common.
 These are thoughts from someone from the hood to Challenge yourselves not be a joke, a cliche', do not be a stereotype. Gain some exposure. Frequent the local libraries. Open your mind, there is more than just your 'hood'.