Thursday, October 6, 2011


Who are you? I mean who are you really? I ask people that and many times the answer that they give is either physical appearance based or experienced based. They start out with I such and such color, race or ethnicty. I am a survivor of this or that. These factors determine perception of events in your life, they influence decision making, but they are not who YOU are. To illustrate this point I will tell YOU who I AM. I AM someone who exist to give the better part of my self to the universe( a SERVANT of my MASTER) I am next a HUEman, then a husband, and father, then a brother and son, a Revolutionary, an artist, and a  philosopher.
We too often identify ourselves with these outside things because we don't know who we are inside

Who Are You??

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Always, Tears, tears,tears. I am tired of people crying about what they don't have, what they did not get, what advantages others have. When you have people in 3rd world countries who have been raped(men and women), sold, oppressed, watch their parents murders in their face, walk miles for food, and refugee status from countries who reject them...What do you really have to complain about?? There are people in your neighborhood who can't afford, food, medicine, who have been molested, bought and sold, and oppressed. Change your attitude!! Many people succeed from those situations  due to attitude and not allowing their circumstances to determine their life's outcome. It's not circumstances, situations, materials that make a man successful, it is what he will accept from life. Those who fail, accept failure. Those who succeed will not settle for anything but success.

So....are you a whiner or a WINNER!!

Friday, September 30, 2011


'I ain't no joke' Quoted by Rahkim, sometime in 1986. One of my favorite classic mc's from back in the day. but how many of us are a joke. Really. Living life like a cliche'. How many of us even know what cliche' means without having to look it up. I found it interesting the other day, I was talking to someone the other day and I asked them 'where you would like to be in ten years?' He could not answer. I asked had if he had been out the country he said 'no' and he had not even thought of going. Then another on of my Favorite Mc's came to mind, 'I asked my brother how traveling the world sound, he found it hard to imagine he never been past downtown.' from Common.
 These are thoughts from someone from the hood to Challenge yourselves not be a joke, a cliche', do not be a stereotype. Gain some exposure. Frequent the local libraries. Open your mind, there is more than just your 'hood'.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


People all want to make changes in their life, in their community, in the lives of others, and even the world. But most people are not willing to make the sacrifice in order to achieve their intended goals. We must all sacrifice for success. We must sacrifice time, money ourselves and our ego. The latter are the hardest to sacrifice. Many people will give money and time, but how many can sacrifice their ego, or themselves. How many would give their life for what they believe. Not many people are truly selfless. To give the good of themselves for the benefit of others.
I WILL, give my time to better people around me, it serves more than just them in the immediate but extends as others PASS IT ON.
I HAVE given my money in the form of charity and tithes to work for the benefit of others without looking for anything in it FOR ME.
I CAN sacrifice my ego realizing that I do not have all the answers, My teacher is THE MOST HIGH and he sends people TO TEACH ME
I SHALL sacrifice my life to live in the GLORY that will benefit everyone through a goodly example, I may influence others to do the same to get CLOSER To ALLAH who REDEEMS MY LIFE.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Let's Get Back To The Basics..10 Basics

It is time that we return to some basic about life. 
1. If you say you are going to do something, Do IT. 
Word is bond
2. If you mess up its ok,  don't blame others for you mistake.
Take responsibility
3. If you have children spend time with
Be a parent
4. Be patient
5. Love Yourself, you can not Love any one until you Love yourself
6. Be Faithful, to your faith, to your spouse, and to your convictions
7. Do the right thing even when no one is looking
 Have integrity
8. Stop waiting for others.. do it yourself
9. You have 1 mouth , 2 eyes, 2 ears, 
Listen and observe before you speak 
10. Learning is something we do from the cradle to the grave, 
What have you learned today?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Life iz

Life iz what you make it. Our path is determined by the choices we make. Our life iz determined by how connected we are to the god in us. That connection determines how powerful Allah works outside of us. Life iz a beautiful when we learn how to appreciate every good, bad, and ugly aspects of what life iz. Although this always determined by our experience. All in all Life iz the greatest gift we have been given the opportunity to achieve greatness for the benefit of something greater than any of us can imagine. Most importantly Life iz what Life iz to you