Tuesday, July 12, 2011


People all want to make changes in their life, in their community, in the lives of others, and even the world. But most people are not willing to make the sacrifice in order to achieve their intended goals. We must all sacrifice for success. We must sacrifice time, money ourselves and our ego. The latter are the hardest to sacrifice. Many people will give money and time, but how many can sacrifice their ego, or themselves. How many would give their life for what they believe. Not many people are truly selfless. To give the good of themselves for the benefit of others.
I WILL, give my time to better people around me, it serves more than just them in the immediate but extends as others PASS IT ON.
I HAVE given my money in the form of charity and tithes to work for the benefit of others without looking for anything in it FOR ME.
I CAN sacrifice my ego realizing that I do not have all the answers, My teacher is THE MOST HIGH and he sends people TO TEACH ME
I SHALL sacrifice my life to live in the GLORY that will benefit everyone through a goodly example, I may influence others to do the same to get CLOSER To ALLAH who REDEEMS MY LIFE.

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