Saturday, February 5, 2011

28 Days Of WHY: (Day 5): What's That Smell??

Ok, this was a super funny suggestion of a 'why' question...I'm actually laughing as I type this, I laughed when I first heard it, and hopefully noone will take it too seriously..but here goes.. Why are some women afraid to pass gas in front of their significant other, or in front of a guy period for that matter? I mean, I could get in to the medical reasons of what flatulence or gas is and the health problems that it could cause to hold your gas in, but I won't..I think I am blessed to have a spouse that is HUMAN and always say, there are so many other things in life to be ashamed of, and something natural is not one of them..I mean, I agree we can openly discuss things in front of our significant other about our past or even our present that is shameful, but GAS..really GAS? I mean, of course, always be courteous and at least let the other person know, and ALWAYS say excuse me And you don't have to lean to one side while grunting and twisting your face to LET ONE's okay, laugh at yourself, don't take things too seriously. And despite of what the latest YAHOO discussion of the day has said (things that cause your significant other to lose interest) spouse and I are still very much attracted to each...VERY MUCH...just ask anyone that hang out with us...I don't know, let me hear your thoughts..remember, it's just a question??

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