Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let's Talk Poetry: COMPASSION

My heart cried today
As another child died today
In a society where we party our lives away
My spirit opened up and became wise today
God answered my why today
I paid attention to what was before my eyes today
I realize that we longer feel the pain of others
We exploit our sisters
We oppress our own brothers
We abandon our fathers
We rape and prostitute our mothers
We are self-centered, selfish, in the nation of me.
Our reality is decided program by internet and T.V.
we forget we all rise and we all fall
who am I to treat you worse of all
you are me and i m you
we are each others reflection no matter what we say and do
When we see people we make jokes, judgements and then blame
Not understanding how did they come to be here or from whence they came
We see hungry people and we think how much can I eat.
When we see homeless children and we think keep your kids out the street
People use vices to purge their sorrows
we judge them today and could be there tomorrow
we need solutions we need to answer the questions worth asking
instead of advice or judgements we need compassion
(excerpt from 'God and Game Conscious')

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  1. Woah..that's some good stuff right there. It's nice to see brothas talking about something other than money hoes cars and clothes